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Boxing clever for bats

By Ruth D’Alessandro, The Wildlife Gardener For the Wildlife Gardener, one of the pleasures of summer evenings is watching bats zoom and wheel around at dusk:

Two bats in Cumbria

A bit blurry, but not easy to photograph bats in the dark with a compact camera!

Bats are enchanting creatures, and are the only mammals that can truly fly. I like them as much as I like birds. My birds have nest boxes put up for them, so in the interests of equality, I decide that the bats should have bat boxes. Little did I realise that there are lots of different boxes out there to choose from…or we could make one ourselves. Up to our eyes in DIY projects, I chose not to burden Mr WG with another carpentry task, so I took a look at the items on offer. A local craft fair had a simple box for

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3 thoughts on “Boxing clever for bats

  • The Wildlife Gardener

    Upon closer inspection, each box has an aluminium nail wedged INSIDE the box. 10/10 to Habitat Aid’s bat boxes for supplying these hard-to-find, chainsaw-friendly nails.

  • The Wildlife Gardener

    Fraid not, Nick, I checked all the packaging and there were no AL nails.

  • Nick Mann

    Hi Ruth

    I take your point about banging nails into trees – the boxes should come with Al nails – if they didn’t please let me know !


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