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We do love to hear from people, and the feedback we have received over the years just seems to keep growing. We’ll do our best to answer your questions, and we have made many improvements as a result of suggestions others have given us, so go ahead! Tell us what you think. We can take it. You can leave comments on The Ranger’s Blog, or if that doesn’t appeal, just send us an email with this form.

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    We prefer to do business by email, so if you have the choice, please contact us by email in the first instance. You will get a faster response, anyway.

    If you can’t see Naturenet’s email address, this is because we hide it from spam robots. Assuming you’re not such a robot, you can copy it directly from here: editor at naturenet,net although obviously you need to change the at to an @, and use a full stop and not a comma.

    Naturenet doesn’t do telephone enquiries any more, as we can’t afford the bills. Sorry, but email is the latest thing, you know. You should try it.

    Note for journalists/agencies: please don’t publish any contact details except our URL and email address without asking us first.

    What to do if you’ve sent us a message and haven’t got an answer

    1. If you don’t get an answer to an email, send it again and check your email address. Include the correct address in the message, as your reply address may be set wrongly. About 1 email in 10 that we get is unanswerable because of a bad address. Don’t let it be yours!
    2. Have you waited two weeks? We often turn around messages within a few days, and usually one week, but even us rangers go on holiday, have children, and get ill very occasionally. Even so, two weeks is the longest you should have to wait.
    3. Have you been very, very rude to us? A few people are – and we don’t reply to them unless they are also funny. If your wit isn’t up to scratch, try sending your message again more politely – or be funnier.
    4. If you’ve done all the above and you still have no answer, then it’s just possible we’ve messed up somewhere. There’s always a first time. Send us a stroppy note and you’ll get our humble apologies!

    Feeble excuse

    We shall try to answer as soon as we can. But bear in mind that we are volunteers, and have other things to keep us occupied some of the time. In particular, do *not* write and say “My class project has to be finished by tomorrow. Here is a list of the things I need to know…”

    Just in case your question is about the ice age in North America, you can ask an expert about the Ice Age in North America .