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Bluebells on wheels: axles of evil?

By Ruth D’Alessandro, The Wildlife Gardener The Wildlife Gardener is concerned that the National Trust could do a bit more to help solve the obesity crisis. The Spring issue of National Trust ‘Near You’ magazine for Kent Sussex and Surrey advertises the following activity at Hatchlands Park:

Bluebells on wheels

What’s wrong with that funny old-fashioned thing, a walk?

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2 thoughts on “Bluebells on wheels: axles of evil?

  • Wildlife Gardener

    There’s the implication in the advert that anyone, regardless of mobility, can just pitch up and take a mobility vehicle off into the woods, perhaps leaving those genuinely in need without. The National Trust has a good record in provision for those less mobile, I trust those hiring out the vehicles will see genuine need.

  • Because not everyone can walk or some people have restricted mobility. I think this event is to be praised rather than mocked. I’m a bit surprised you posted that.

    The Ranger responds: I think Ruth’s pointing out the very gentle incongruity of the title, rather than the event itself. Who wouldn’t want to see bluebells on wheels? But if you go expecting to see such flower-vehicles, you may be disappointed.


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