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UK Nature and Wildlife Links

See also UK Nature and Wildlife Organisations: Organisations with a particular specialism or interest relevant to UK wildlife. For more general conservation organisations see 'organisations'. There are separate pages for links about birds, plants and invertebrates.

British Wildlife Magazine: the definitive printed magazine about... British Wildlife. It's very reasonably priced, has beautiful illustrations, is always interesting and suitable for the non-specialist (usually) so gives a great overview of the field. What's more, there are hardly any adverts. Strongly recommended. And after what 'Twitcher in the Swamp' said about me I can't be fairer than that!!
Offwell Woodland and Wildlife Trust: a great site with lots of good species information, good stuff on British amphibians and reptiles, even interactive wildlife puzzles! Very good page on rhododendron, its control and its effects. the clue's in the name here. Many links to UK fungus websites.
The Pond Life Project: more about the project than about ponds as yet, but interesting none the less.
UK Safari: a great website with no end of wildlife and conservation information about UK wildlife. You can even buy some really good ID guides. Recommended.
The Country CodePages marked with this symbol are exclusively written for Naturenet
ARKive: audio-visually profiling British wildlife and the world’s endangered species using film, photographs and audio recordings. We find this very helpful, and you will too. Lots of good facts as well as pictures.
Wall lizardAmphibians and Reptiles in the UK
Frogs, Toads and Newts in your Garden Pond : Essex Wildlife Trust advice.
When to Watch Wildlife: an online calender of wildlife to watch out for around Britain.
Red Squirrels: we have these delightful creatures on the Isle of Wight (where Naturenet is based) and often get asked about them. They are not the same as American red squirrels, by the way.
Badgerland: claiming, correctly, to be "the Definitive Guide to Badgers in the United Kingdom".
BioImages Virtual Field Guide (UK): offers a selection of pictures of mostly British species arranged in the normal biological classification. If you know a bit about classification it will help!
London Wildlife Trust: good advice on wildlife gardening; problems in your garden with foxes and other wildlife, and plenty more.
How to build a bird box and a bat box.
Northern Ireland Fungus Group
Dean Birders Birdwatching information, gallery, and daily photo reports from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire
Wild boar in Britain: an interesting and well-balanced look at the issues surrounding wild boar.
International Otter Survival Fund: a website with some otter information, and a lot of other stuff, including a kind of travel agency or something.
The Life Peatlands Project: Restoring Active Blanket Bog of European Importance in North Scotland: catchy title for a very good site, and a very nice picture on the front page.
Deer UK: all about hunting deer in ,well, amazingly, the UK. Plenty of good general deer things including video, sounds and more.