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UK Invertebrate Links

Gordon's Entomological Home Page: quaint site but with absolutely everything about insects and - yes, oh joy! - spiders and other assorted arthropods too.
The Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Natural History Museum's Distribution and decline of British bumble bees: definitive stuff.
Discover the Bumble Bee
Bumblebees: the Bumblebee page, mainly about Scottish bumblebees but of interest throughout the UK.
Spider Catcher: we have one of these, and we use it regularly. The Ranger's fingers are too big and clumsy for poor little spiders, and this thing is great for catching them and safely removing them from the house. Recommended.
Hummingbird hawk moth
British Leaf Mining Fauna: leaf miners are fascinating invertebrates that leave characteristic 'trails' on leaves. You can learn about them and see a gallery of mines here.
Ground beetle recording: also includes ladybirds and insects in the garden and he London and Essex Ladybird Survey and key.
InsectLine: more like 'large flying insect line', but if you like serious bug-hunting and making lists, this one's for you.
Atropos: a British journal devoted exclusively to butterflies, moths and dragonflies. Includes National Moth Night feature.
Moths and Butterflies of Europe: with stacks of photographs.
Captain's European Butterfly Guide
Spiders of NW Europe: very comprehensive and loads of photos.
Glow worms: a page of good information about glow worms: What is a glow worm? Where can I find a glow worm? That sort of thing.