UK Nature & Wildlife Organisations


rganisations with a particular specialism or interest relevant to UK wildlife. For more general conservation organisations see the organisations indexPages marked with this symbol are exclusively written for Naturenet.

Bat Conservation Trust: the official pages. Everything about bats in the UK. One of the best UK specialist wildlife sites there is.
The Mammal Society: information on British mammals including fact sheets on most UK species, methods of studying mammals, publications, and even record breaking mammals.
British Arachnological Society
Landlife: charity dedicated to creating land for wildlife and involving people, especially in urban areas.
National Federation of Badger Groups
British Association of Nature Conservationists : nature conservation's self-professed 'leading think tank'; hardly a crowded market, regrettably.
Botanical Society of the British Isles
British Ecological Society: a decent web page from this worthy society. Plenty on it to look at. We like the free 'Ecology' poster!
Natural History Museum: lots of outstanding descriptions of British animals, plants, fungi and so on. Very comprehensive, and arranged in strict taxonomic order. Site growing into a major resource- keep checking this one. See also the stunningly good Postcode Plants Database.
The Amateur Entomological Society: a worthy society and Oh! what a magnificent web page. We love it, especially the Bug Key.
Flora Locale : organisation campaigning for the wise use of indigenous plants.
The British Entomological and Natural History Society
Magpie fungusBritish Herpetological Society: concerned with reptiles and amphibia.
British Bryological Society: mosses and liverworts.
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society: with an international remit, not just UK.
The Norfolk Bat Group
Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society... does exactly what it says on the... err... website. Nothing to do with the musical prowess of these fascinating insects but concerned with biological records.
British Dragonfly Society
The Association of British Fungus Groups