Naturenet FAQs
frequently asked questions

People are always asking us questions, and we like that. However, some come up a bit more frequently than others. Here they are - with answers, or brush-offs, as appropriate.

Q: How do I get a job in conservation / the countryside?
A: Click here for the answer.

Q: What qualifications do I need to be a ranger?
A: Click here for the answer.

Q: Can you tell me all about [location]?
A: Have a look in the Naturenet site index. It covers most of the English counties, although we last updated it in about 2002 so don't expect it to be very up to date. Anything outside there, we probably don't know about it. You should contact the organisation which manages the site, and ask them. Also the local Wildlife Trust and local council will be able to help.

Q: Can I link to Naturenet?
A: Yes, go ahead. We're flattered.

Q: What do I do if I've written to you and not got an answer?
A: See here.

Q: Can you give me the legal reference for any of the law you mention in Naturenet?
A: Sorry, if it's not there, we probably don't know. Lax, we know, but that's the way it is. If you find a reference, we'd be happy to add it if you let us know.

Q: Do you know about anything in the USA?
A: No! Well, maybe a bit. But, really, we don't know much about anything outside England where we work. So if your question relates to the rest of the world, feel free to ask, but don't expect much of an answer.

Q: There's a planning application/bypass proposal/bad bit of land management near me that you really wouldn't approve of. Will you help me campaign to stop it, or will you write and object?
A: We've got some great resources to help you here. But we are not a campaigning organisation and we don't get involved in individual cases. In the case of planning applications we wouldn't do any good anyway, as all we have to go on is what you tell us - so unless we've gone there and seen for ourselves we have no opinion of our own and the planning authority would ignore us. But good luck with your campaign!

Q: Can Naturenet publicise my event/organisation or send me information?
A: Sorry, but not really. All the information we have is right here on the website. We don't send out mailings, we don't publish anything on paper, we don't have members and they don't want to buy anything, thank you. We do review products and books from time to time, if people send them to us. In particular we don't do current lists of events and happenings so please don't send us the publicity for such things expecting us to publish it - we don't do that. But we might have some ideas as to where you could promote your event - why not ask us that instead? Here's a good place to publicise countryside training events.The Virtual Ranger

Q: Do you really look like that, and do you have a hat?
A: Yes, the picture is of me some years ago. That hat is great; I used to wear it everyday to work, and now I wear it for my own pleasure on the rare occasion when it rains on the Isle of Wight. It is a Barbour Thornproof Bushman hat. It's really waterproof and great for working in the woods, keeping the rain off and pushing my way through thorny hedges. Mine is very shabby and flat through much sitting on and worse!