and Development Control


ne of the major influences on the countryside, and, indeed on much of the environment is development of new buildings,Planners land uses, changes to existing buildings, and so on. Much of this activity is controlled by the planning system. This system, based on the Town & Country Planning Acts (of which there have been several) and some other Acts, is immensely complicated and often confusing. However, used wisely it can be a very powerful weapon to those wishing to preserve or enhance certain areas - be they countryside or urban.

There is a huge and ever-changing body of information about planning and planning law (a bit of which is online), so don't expect to find much of it here on Naturenet. But read on, don't worry, as we will supply you with a few essential elements, and pointers to find out plenty more.

Like most legal issues, if it is a matter which is important to you you are strongly advised to get professional advice before making any decisions. Just because you read it on the Internet dosn't mean it's true enough to bet your house on (unless its on Naturenet, of course). Planning consultants are not too expensive and could save you a pile of money and trouble.