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Check out this massive egg

By Ruth D’Alessandro, The Wildlife Gardener We heard you wanted to see a picture of a simply gigantic egg. So here it is:

Massive egg

Can you tell which one it is yet?

The Wildlife Gardener was cleaning out the henhouse this morning. Imelda was in the nestbox. When hens lay, they make a contented whirring purring noise, and scuffle about. Imelda seemed more agitated than usual so I closed the henhouse to give her some darkness and peace. Half an hour later the Junior Wildlife Gardeners rushed in, laughing hysterically that they had found a’duck’s egg’. And what a massive egg Imelda had laid:

7cm egg

7 cm long and weighing 100g! Poor Imelda. What an eye-waterer. This wasn’t the result of being egg-bound as she had laid a perfectly normal-sized one yesterday. We couldn’t actually close the egg box:

Can't close the egg box

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6 thoughts on “Check out this massive egg

  • The Wildlife Gardener

    Quite tricky to divide up a double-yolker, Richard – not enough white.

  • Being a twin myself, I was always partial to the double yoked egg. My grandmother would always call us into the kitchen to see one.

  • ghostmoth

    Great story and I love your highly scientific ruler!!

  • The Virtual Ranger

    I’m surprised there wasn’t a big dragon inside it!

  • The Wildlife Gardener

    We had a ceremonial cracking of the massive egg this morning. It was a double-yolker with two full-size yolks. The JWGs were disappointed there wasn’t a little dragon inside it.


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