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Buglife rides forth yet again

Matthew Chatfield
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It really does seem to be like the butterfly that stamped. If you’ve been following the story of small charity Buglife on this blog you will recall its legal challenge intended to prevent development on West Thurrock Marshes, a former industrial site now very rich in invertebrate biodiversity.

Spider stamp © Buglife

Buglife made its own alternative stamps showing species threatened by the Royal Mail development

The original site developer, Royal Mail, has now pulled out and Buglife suggests that this is because “Buglife pressure forced Royal Mail to scrap its plans“. However the planning consent still stands, so some other body could still do the works and damage the site. So Buglife took the matter to court. Following defeat in the High Court in February 2008, Buglife is now at last having its day at the Court of Appeal, or two days in fact. Tomorrow (Tuesday 18th Nov) Buglife is appealing the High Court decision to uphold the original grant of planning permission as lawful. It has obtained a Protective Costs Order, which caps the charity’s liability to

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