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Agrarian aberration 8

Matthew Chatfield

Find the fault is back… the rules are the same as ever. Study the card below, and find what’s wrong with it. See if you can leave a comment to point out the howlers before Pascal does. Bonus marks will be awarded for any mistakes not shown on the official answer card.

Find the fault 8

And yes, for those who’ve been reading The Rangers Blog for a while, it was indeed this card that made me buy the set! Update: Answer now in the comments.

Matthew Chatfield

Uncooperative crusty. Unofficial Isle of Wight cultural ambassador. Conservation, countryside and the environment, with extra stuff about spiders.

10 thoughts on “Agrarian aberration 8

  • The Virtual Ranger

    Oh, this one got me going, and no mistake. If you want to know all about upside-down gates and why I care you can refer to an earlier series of posts. Meanwhile, this Fault exemplifies the problem.

    Pascal, of course, wins the point as he was the first to get the official answer, which is:

    8. The hinges and the catch are at the same end of the gate

    I think we can go further and say with confidence that it is the hinges which are at the wrong end – as Pascal correctly says. Not only does the crossbar slope in such a way as to suggest the gate must open to the left, but also it would be unusual for the hanging post to be shared with the stile, otherwise the gate would be opened into the footpath. Bonus marks for Clwydiangirl, James Hector and Vanessa for also spotting it. I’m going to have to be hard on Big J who said that it was the catch that was on the wrong end – very close, but no mark for you this time.

    So, a few other bonuses to hand out. Ghiti: gotta disagree with you about the smooth hills. Chalk downs look just like that. The perspective’s a bit dodgy but not actually a fault as such. So nothing for you this time.

    Wildlife Gardener – titanium?? Now you’re trying too hard. Try to make your humour seem spontaneous, dear, then you won’t leave yourself open to patronisation. Anyway it looks more like magnesium to me. Nasty stuff. Have a point for impudence.

    Clwydiangirl – superb bit of observation with the crossbar. That’s definitely a point! Those posts do look rounded to me, albeit crudely, and that would count as a weather. But a big point for you and also Big J for the two-rail fence: that design is for decorative purposes only and wouldn’t keep anything in except possibly a very dozy horse.

    Tim Frost – I see what you mean but I think the path could easily curve to the right behind the gate. So I’m not having it. And obscured by clouds – the stile step should indeed be on top of the rail. It’s not unknown for it to be underneath, but I’m going to give you the ‘benefit of the doubt’ and you get a point. Finally, Vanessa, on the same subject, that stile is very low. It would hardly be worth climbing on it. So you can have another point.

    Well done all – a most productive picture this time! The next FTF is coming along very shortly.

  • The latch and and the hinges are both on the same side, leaving no fixings for the gate on it’s left-hand side.
    Should the style be so low-down?

  • obscured by clouds

    the step to the stile appears to be under the rail.

  • Tim Frost

    Good to see the blue Sea is back – at least it is following the curve of the earth now!!!

    My answer is the path leads To the gate and AWAY from the stile?

    Oh and a quick aside to Clwydiangirl – that hill is quite clearly not in Wales as there are no wind turbines on the top!

  • James Hector

    The gate is hung upside down and the wrong way round.

  • Clwydiangirl

    I’ve noticed a few mistakes Virtual Ranger – there’s a blue hill on the horizon; the hinges are on the wrong side of the gate; the diagonal cross bar on the gate appears to have moved the other side of the gate at the top, the posts do not appear to have either a 1, 2 or 4 way weather and most importantly, the space left between the fencing cross rails is far too large and would allow our Welsh lambs to escape. As you know, our Welsh lambs are smaller than the English variety.

  • The Virtual Ranger

    The fence and gate look as if they are made from titanium. This is a very expensive and foolish material to use for fencing, especially in the current economic climate.

  • I think you’re wrong pascal – The hinges are on the right side, it’s the latch that’s on the wrong side! A two rail fence – what next?

  • The hinges are on the wrong side of the gate.

  • I thought “fault” referred to a geologic fault.

    Well, the perspective is kind of gooofy, the road seems to go down a hill but there is nothing else to indicate that other than the road continuing on slightly to the right.

    Oh I know, no hill could ever be that rounded and smooth in “real life”, ESPECIALLY not 2 in a row. Yup, there’s the fault.


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