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By Ruth D’Alessandro, The Wildlife Gardener Much of the joy of growing root vegetables is the anticipation that some of them will be funny-shaped. Last year, the Rudolf Nureyev carrot caused much merriment. This year, the 2008 Rude Root Award must go to….. Parsenip.


Read on to see how Jennifer Lopez looks in the new Parsenip-style below:

Jennifer Lopez

Uncanny, non?

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2 thoughts on “Parsenip

  • The Virtual Ranger

    Always happy to amuse, pajamadeen. Absorb yourself in the joys of Naturenet and all your troubles melt away…..

  • pajamadeen

    This is great! A vivid imagination is always helpful here in Tiny Town, to while away the time, but you’ve outdone me with the parsnip. I love parsnips (not particularly popular with most Americans) but shall never look at one the same again. I can’t wait to show this to Wrinkled Randy in the morning. He has wisely gone to bed, while I sit here commenting on parsnips. hahaha

    Thanks for another laugh; I always look forward to my visitors with The Ranger and his merry crew. (I have spent the last week or so in purgatory with crazed clients. As often happens with me, I reached my fill of them and told them all to leave me alone today.)


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