Competition time again! Win your own copy of the IMAX Deep Sea DVD

COMPETITION CLOSED! Results coming soon. Once more you lucky Ranger readers get the chance to win a splendid natural history DVD for free. Our latest competition will give away two brand-new copies of the exclusive US release IMAX ‘Deep Sea‘. It’s an ‘immersive adventure’ narrated by a slightly uninterested-sounding Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. But forget those guys and their cheesy commentary: this DVD is an unmatched visual treat, featuring some really fantastic undersea photography that is well worth seeing.

IMAX Deep Sea

You doubt it? Here are a few links (in a range of styles, so one should work for you) to whet your appetite:

Now you’ve got a missed your chance to win a copy of the whole thing for your own home viewing. How to enter It’s just like last time. There are two ways to win, because as usual The Ranger has got two DVD prizes, and he hates them to build up on the bookshelf.

Comment on this post Everybody can enter this one, because it’s as simple as putting a comment on the end of this post. See, down below, where there’s either a box to write in already or it says ‘leave a comment’ or ‘6 comments’ or something like that? Click there and enter the competition by just leaving a comment. You don’t even have to use your real name, so long as you leave your email address (which won’t be shown on the site), and you need not say anything in particular. Although it would be nice if you did, we like that. As summer seems to be on the way, if you’d like to, you can tell us what you’re looking forward to doing outside this summer. The winner will be selected at random from all qualifying entries to this section of the competition.

Link to The Rangers Blog This one’s for you if you’ve got a blog or website of your own. There’s another chance to win for everyone who puts a link or post to The Ranger’s Blog on their website. That’s right, if you link, you can enter twice. We love to get links, and we’re happy to link back to good sites too. Those discerning people who’ve already got links are of course very welcome to entry this category too, yes, even if you have won before. To enter, make your link and then post a comment down below this post which must include (1) the full URL of the page with the link and (2) a couple of lines about your website. The whole thing should be no more than 250 words. The winner will be selected at random from all qualifying entries to this section of the competition.

Rules The competition closed at midnight on 16 May 2007. Full terms and conditions are here, and if you enter you thereby accept the terms and conditions. Good luck to all our entrants! Results soon.

11 thoughts on “Competition time again! Win your own copy of the IMAX Deep Sea DVD”

  1. I’ve just watched a trailer for this DVD and it looks fascinating – the photography is amazing.

    I would love to be entered into the competition to win this please as I know that my son would love this – it’s a film that he would watch time and time again.

  2. Just spent saturday lying semi naked by my pond feeding chicken to the tadpoles & myself to the midges.
    You can keep Johny Depp but if a scantily clad Kate moss wants to pop around & apply bite cream I’m all for that.

  3. Well, I’d hope to win this lovely looking dvd, cos I’ve got a new job near the sea, Hoorah! Plymouth to be exact. I missed reef shark awareness day, so would like to know when one is going to bite me leg off! Also I heard that with global warming kicking off fine style (am sat in me shorts in April!!!) turtles have started to behave strangely and are attacking sharks and octopus’ssusses (see dvd cover!). Please let me win, I need help!
    Ps. Thanks for the tips on the website, they helped me nail my first rangers postion, cheers naturenet and its viewers.

  4. I would love to be entered in the contest to win a DVD to watch on my brand new HD TV!! lately I have been addicted to the Discovery HD channel and all of its nature stuff.

    We also have a cable channel that shows music concerts in HDTV. They keep showing this Isle of Wight festival thing. What is that?

    The Ranger Responds: Consider yourself entered. It’s a massive rock festival that is held on one of my parks right outside my office window. Keeping the pitches in good order is a right job and no, we do not get free tickets. This year the Rolling Stones will be playing about 200m from my desk! Unless of course you mean the old Festival which featured Dylan, Hendrix et al… I was too young to go to that but my Dad did.

  5. I am so glad spring is here. It is time to prepare my veggie garden for planting. This year I really need to be careful of the “wicked poison ivy” as an allergic reaction to it last summer sent me to the ER for corticosteroids. I was covered from head to toe literally with blisters. Any good recommendations for prevention for someone like me Ranger?? Happy Spring all!!

  6. I rented this movie a couple of weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it was. I thought Johnny and Kate sounded great and the photography was stunning.

    Interesting site you have here.


  7. I’m not sure you were watching the same movie as me. We saw this at the Imax, and not only was the movie great, but Johnny and Kate did a great job. It would be pretty hard to breathe life into a project when you can only use your voice.

  8. Well, I don’t have a website, but you’ll be happy to know I work in the outdoor industry and read your blog regularly. So your info gets out…

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