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Redundant signs dilute the message

Matthew Chatfield
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On the ferry today The Ranger was having his usual rant about counterproductive safety signs (the last one was on the ferry too, remember?) when a fantastic specimen drove into view:

The Lord's Taverners minibus

Do you see the problem? It’s more redundant signage. These unnecessary signs, wherever they are found, actually make things worse by diverting attention from signs that really are important and worth reading. Look more closely:

The Lord's Taverners minibus

Now, it’s hardly fair to criticise such a worthy bus – but really, if the occupants are not aware of the methodology for opening the door, it’s a bit worrying. Maybe there is some new statutory requirement for such signs, although that would be news to this Ranger. If so, there are a lot of happy sign-makers who are going to have a lot of work on. The Ranger went around the other side and was even more concerned to see that the driver’s side was similarly adorned. Let’s hope the drivers were not in need of such instruction. The Ranger did notice that the front of the bus did not bear a sign saying ‘Do not lie down in front of this vehicle whilst it is in motion‘. He was just about to try this when his companions manhandled him away to the safety of the upper lounges, where more signs were provided to calm his fevered brain…

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