Spiders by post – that’s got to be cruel, hasn’t it?

In a bizarre news item, the BBC reports:

A man has admitted sending a rare venomous spider in a package to a colleague at work. Mahlon Hector, 22, of Leicester delivered the Mexican red-kneed tarantula in a box addressed to a Marks & Spencer branch in Leicestershire. Hector handed in his resignation after dropping off the parcel at the Fosse Park store

Mexican red-kneed tarantula

Now that’s curious enough. Curiouser still, however:

A Leicestershire Police spokesman said: “The spider may also have suffered and we would have pursued the matter under animal cruelty legislation but it does not cover invertebrates.”

How crazy is that? Just look at that cute, furry spider and imagine it being shaken up in a box for some wierd practical joke! What if it was one of those sweet grey squirrels, or rats? People would be marching in the streets, probably led by Sir Paul McCartney. Well, the spider was probably OK, but the Ranger is very fond of spiders, and was startled to learn that there’s no way in law to be cruel to invertebrates. Perhaps there’s room for one more pressure group? No more flyswats! Ban the beer-trap! Calamari and prawns will be off the menu when the Invertebrate Cruelty Act is finally passed…

2 thoughts on “Spiders by post – that’s got to be cruel, hasn’t it?”

  1. Hi, wow that was quite a story! I hope that the little critter wasn’t harmed. I love tarantulas, my sister had quite a few growing up. Hey, i found a nice shirt with a spider on it, maybe you would like to check it out, i know i am definatly getting one! lol Thanks for letting me post and i definately want to hear more! By the way, here is the link to the shirt. http://www.ictshirts.com/t-shirt/35/spider.htm
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