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A few samples from Cat's sketch book

The Trophy

Cat designed and made a trophy for presentation to her colleagues as a (temporary) reward for acts of loveliness. She considered many variations - all of which are shown below. Two trophies were made and one was eventually chosen to be The Trophy. It is still in circulation.

The Trophy was publicised via Cat's on-line workplace newsletter 'Desk Jockey'. Many nominations were made for a variety of good deeds; most of which seemed to centre around cakes!

Put your mouse over the sketch showing the design of the final trophy (right) to see a picture of the actual one. Click on the picture to access The Trophy Page on 'Desk Jockey'.

A Trophy
A Trophy
Sketch designs for a trophySketch designs for a trophy
Sketch designs for a trophySketch designs for a trophy

Spikey Vase
Spikey Vase

Nearly all of Cat's pots start out as sketch ideas; it's a really cheap and quick way of establishing if a pot has an agreeable appearance, proportions and decoration. If she thinks that a pot has potential then she will use the sketch as a template for the real thing.

The spikey vase (left) is a good example of this process - much like The Trophy (above). If you put your mouse over the sketch you will see a photograph of the actual spikey pot (as displayed at the Rope Store).

There are some other sketch designs for composite vases below. Can you spot any that you have seen a photo of on other pages of the Mudlarks website?

Vases Vases

Some Other Stuff

Thumb Pots