The time has come for you to help promote a spirit of inclusion and
foster a culture of mutual appreciation as

Desk Jockey proudly presents -

How often do you feel that those little things that you do go unrewarded? Perhaps you've decided that you will no longer go out of your way to perform those extra tasks that so regularly go unnoticed, let alone thanked. We all like to think that we are considerate to our colleagues and that we are polite and well-mannered.

Well, now is your chance to nominate someone who has done something considerate and unprompted for you in the regular course of their working day.

  • Perhaps you've gone to make a well-earned cup of tea and found the kettle full and ready boiled?
  • Maybe the door was held open for you as you struggled out, burdened with files, for a site visit?
  • Possibly, a long sought after file has been located and returned to you?
  • Or maybe a thoughtful colleague answered your ringing phone whilst you were unable to answer it due to stuffing yourself with your sandwiches at 9:30 in the morning?
  • Alternatively, you could have winessed a colleague being defended against an unwarranted tongue lashing?
  • Perhaps you know the true hero who bought enough votes to decisively get Tony Flower a baked bean bathing?
  • It is these, and many more, acts of kindness that help to promote and spread wellbeing throughout the office.

    And it's time they were rewarded

Logorithmic spiral

Consequently, at huge financial expense (almost absorbing the entire budget of this popular on-line magazine),a trophy has been commissioned and made by a talentless local artist and it could be yours* (for a limited period only).

The trophy has been handcrafted -

  • to the lowest possible standards,
  • with the cheapest available materials, and
  • to the ugliest design

You will not want it on your desk for long -
so you'd better nominate someone pretty quick if you're lucky enough to be presented with it.

Sketch  ideas for trophy

Sketch  ideas for trophy
Sketch  ideas for trophy

Please e-nominate lovely behaviour by e-mailing Cat James

This will activate an e-mail which will be sent to the Trophy Adjudicator. Please state who you want to nominate and why.
For example: "I would like to nominate Andrew Ashcroft for cleaning the windows of the Registration Office. How thoughtful".