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Cat Page
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Cat's old studio is in the Jubilee Stores, a converted warehouse on the banks of the River Medina.

Jubilee front
The imposing front of the Jubilee Stores

Jubilee side
The studios are entered from the cobbled road

Cat's studio
Studio 2 is second from the right

The building houses seven studios, each of which is let to artists. There are excellent pottery facilities available to the general public for open workshops. The pottery is also used by the students of the Isle of Wight College. The porcelain workshop is run by Sue Paraskeva.

The Jubilee Stores is a perfect place to work and, being near Cat's employer, means that she used to pop in during her lunch breaks to have a quick fondle of her work in progress or to see the latest fired results. Cat used to share Studio 2 with Lis Toft. Both work in porcelain and their work, although different, is complementary. Lis has taken over the tenancy of Studio 2. Good luck Lis!

Cat at her old studio door  

The studio is surprisingly roomy. Cat and Lis increased the amount of shelves and created a damp cupboard which is where all of the new work is kept.

The studio is busier now that Lis has it to herself and she has installed a mighty kickwheel.

Plenty of room!
The equipment

The studio has all the facilities that Cat requires - hot and cold running water, somewhere to hang her capacious bag and a view of the cemetery! The cemetery is a favourite place of Cat's and has been the venue for many a pleasant lunchbreak. Part of it is left as a meadow and is glorious in the summer. Cat often sits under the cooling shade of the ash trees.

Stock pile!
Finished work

Work in progress

A Busy Lunchtime

Cat works just a stone's throw from her old studio and used to enjoy the luxury of being able to visit it during her lunch break. Mostly this brief hour was spent sniffing about examining her latest work or chatting to the occupants of the other studios. And there was usually time to make a pot or two...

Wedging up some clay
Coning up the clay
Quick work!
Just enough time to throw a pot
Cleaning up
Cleaning up, then back to the office!