The city of Jerusalem is throwing money at dog poo.

Here’s a story that is doing the rounds in the ‘Believe it or not’ columns of the newspapers. Some boffin is rubbing his hands delightedly, as they’ve actually persuaded the municipality of Jerusalem to commission research into a DNA testing programme… for dog poo. Yes, wardens will be able to do DNA tests on any stray turd in the street, match it to a database of registered dogs, and the convictions will roll in.


It all seems so simple, and obvious. Why isn’t every city using this wonderful new technology? Why indeed. Let’s see if we can find out.  Continue reading The city of Jerusalem is throwing money at dog poo.

A rubbish idea

The CPRE’s champion, Bill Bryson, has launched a campaign to reduce flytipping and litter called Stop the Drop. Bravo, says The Ranger.

One of the themes of the campaign is roadside litter. It’s an issue that also bothers The Ranger, as he spent many hours picking litter in his time. While trolling up and down the hedgerows with a litter-picker, one’s mind wanders and sometimes reaches a zen-like state of trance. On one such occasion the Ranger had an idea to reduce roadside litter, which Bill Bryson’s exhortations brought back to him.

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