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Planning application rejected by fairies

Matthew Chatfield
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Perhaps there’s hope. The Ranger spends an uncomfortable amount of time these days delving into the murky depths of the planning process – and the rights and wrongs of Permitted Development, Unitary Development Plans, and Strategic Environmental Assessment fill more of his working hours than do roaming the fields and looking vaguely at spiders. So he was much comforted to discover, via the worthy medium of The Honest Hypocrite, (thank you Richard) a great tale of how a planning application in Scotland was quite genuinely rejected by the fairies. See the original story here, and an unexpected followup tells how the property developer thinks the fairies have brought him luck! It’s nice to think that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must be smiling down on St Fillans, Perthshire.

A fairy dies every time an application is approved against officers' recommendations
A Planning Inspector yesterday


(This article was first published in 2006, but has been updated with a new link)

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    Please can you help ?
    I’ve been asked by my boss as part of tree/hedge studies to provide a summarised report in relation to common land legislation with regards to trees and hedgerows….your comments/assistance would be most welcome….
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