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Glum councillors

Matthew Chatfield
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Of course, this would never happen on the Isle of Wight. No, sir. And even if it did, it would quite literally be more than my job’s worth to blog about it. But apparently local politicians have a bit of a penchant for appearing in the media pointing at stuff. Kissing babies is just so 1930s, it seems. Pointing is the new way to get elected.

Councillor Phil Moffatt investigates the pothole crisis at Fieldton Road

Councillor Phil Moffatt of Croxteth investigates
the pothole crisis at Fieldton Road

Now there’s a new blog collating all these splendid images for our entertainment and maybe even to publicise the good work our local councillors do, in their own time, for the good of the community. Oh, and to take the mickey out of them. Just a little bit. Courtesy of the often rude but always funny b3ta website The Ranger was entertained to discover “Glum Councillors“, which says of itself:

This blog will doggedly collate images of councillors looking glum whilst pointing at holes in the road, wearing hard hats or presenting oversized cheques. Lets celebrate the work of our local elected representatives! Tweet suggestions to @glumcouncillors

How can anyone resist that?

Matthew Chatfield

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2 thoughts on “Glum councillors

  • A hole in the road and, quite clearly, the councillor is not looking into it!

  • ghostmoth

    They’ll all get squashed posing in the middle of the road like that – now there’s a thought …!


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