Agricultural Anomalies 10

Relax, the wait is over. Find the Fault returns after a Christmas break, and this time the Ranger will ease you in with what might possibly be a challenge you can face with confidence. Check out the answers to FTF9, and then try this one. Rules are, as ever, to study the card, and see what’s wrong with the picture. Comment below if you think you know it. This time I’m expecting some bonus marks!

Find the Fault 10

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  1. Well, what a lot of replies! And sorry for being a bit slow in allocating the marks: it took one eagle-eyed FTF fan to actually stop me in a corridor at work and demand it. Yes, you know who you are.

    Anyway, the official answer was as follows:

    A pig appears on the Inn Sign titled the Golden Lion

    Not really too challenging.

    So pascal once more takes the point for the first correct answer. But my, what a field for bonuses! No actual faults mind you – very slack – but some good laughs, and for once I decree that the mirthful bonus points go to all those who joined in: HM The Cat; Ghostmoth; The Wildlife Gardener; Tim Frost; Beardie; Joe; Yaffle and Luke Dawson. Well done, you wags!

  2. Now keep up, ghostmoth. TPO indeed. We’ve already established that it’s within a conservation area so we would actually get a S211 notification of the landowners intention to do works to the tree… Triffids though – you might have something there.

  3. That tree is too close to the cottages – expect a TPO request soon to have it removed. Also, the triffids are missing which would explain the eerie quietness of the village.

  4. Luke,
    Thats not a garage door, its quite clearly a metal pailing vandle proof fence to keep out all the yobos that have broken the windows in the pub!

  5. The far right building appears to have a garage type door only big enough for a wide person who is extremely short.

  6. The earthquake may have already struck the village. As you can see through the open door of the house opposite, its rear wall has collapsed revealing the green fields behind.

  7. Yes, that’s it! The geological fault under the village HAS slipped, creating those giant black yawning cravasses next to the Golden Pig and the big tree, swallowing up most of the villagers – except for a few survivors, who have dashed into the pub to swallow up the last of the beer before the next earthquake strikes…

    [PS: I thought a Lemon was Lemon in colour, but Aunty Spam sez it’s not]!

  8. It may just be the perspective, or it may be a giant fog cloud creeping in (maybe giving answer as to the missing life?)… But aren’t those clouds meant to be IN the sky, as opposed to on the ground?

    It may just be me being a little stupid

  9. The picture reminds me of the sort of thing used to illustrate Enid Blyton books forty years ago. As to what the fault is, well I reckon the ‘fault’ is a geological feature buried deep under the soil and not visible in the picture.

  10. Blimey, you’re a cheery lot! I’d rather imagine that the villagers are so entranced by their new extra-large pub sign that they have obediently trooped into the pub where they remain, quaffing local ale and unwilling to leave. So quickly did they go that one of them even left his door open!

  11. Things have gone further than that. There is absolutely no sign of human life, or cars. A mutant virus has wiped out most of the inhabitants in their homes and forced out the survivors. It is now a ghost village, the only sound being the squeaking of the unoiled pub sign swinging in the breeze.

  12. Conservation area! And who takes any notice of them….? Virtual Ranger obviously doesnt know Kent too well then!

  13. No smokers and no patio heaters outside the golden Pig, so clearly it has closed down due to the lack of trade following the smoking ban (and all the recent HSE legislation, credit crunch, etc).

    This theory is supported by all its missing window panes, except for the top two of the upper window, which suggests vandalism by the local youth (following the closure of the village youth club due to council cutbacks, or the closure of the village Scout Group due to public assumptions about Scout Leaders’ motives), as these window panes are too high for the little dears to throw stones accurately (due to lack of exercise and to increasing obesity thanks to the new fast food outlets on the new village bypass)…

  14. The only thing I notice is a marked lack of Sky dishes on all the buildings. Oh, and there is also a distinct lack of smokers hanging around the pub door!

  15. Size of pub sign only matters if it’s a listed building/conservation area/new sign in such….oh dear I can see my bonus point ebbing away….

  16. That looks like a porker on the pub sign. Golden Lion? More like Golden Swine.

    Also, is it Havenstreet? It looks like a ‘litter free village’.

  17. The shadow of the tavern does not match the shadow of the tree.

    And is Golden Lion a synonym for pig, just like Golden Apple is an orange?
    Or is it a comment about the quality of films distinguished at the film festival of Venise?