Zombie bird war on Island

Startling news from Isle of Wight Radio:

At least a dozen more dead birds have washed ashore on our beaches covered in oil and fighting for their lives.[ref]

Dead birds... or are they?

The story raises the gruesome possibility that this undead flock will be fighting on despite their unfortunate demise. Who’s a pretty… B-b-b-rrrains!

3 thoughts on “Zombie bird war on Island”

  1. There were a few more reported, perhaps a dozen, some alive, mostly dead. All from the SSW coast. The RSPCA took them in so if you ask them they may well have some more accurate statistics, and info from Sussex too. None reported in the last week I’m relieved to say, so we assume it is over.

  2. Amusing though the IoW report is (you can just picture the editor!), have you any more reports of the recent oiled casualties? It has just hit us here (East Kent) and the available information is sketchy.

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