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Can planting trees save the planet?

Matthew Chatfield

By guest blogger Ray Harrington-Vail of the Footprint Trust Carbon offsetting has become one of the buzz phases of the last year. It appeals to individuals and businesses that wish to carry on their current lifestyles and practices and buy a bit of green credibility. But can planting trees really help negate our extravagant planet-damaging ways? The only people who really seem to think this can help are those who are selling the trees.

Planting a tree (c) jemsweb Planting trees is fun and good for wildlife – but does it offset carbon emissions?

Planting trees to neutralise carbon emissions has become a big business:

Matthew Chatfield

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2 thoughts on “Can planting trees save the planet?

  • The one-time chief ranger


  • The Virtual Ranger

    I agree – this to me is a gimmick. Grow your own veg, put on an extra jumper, use the clothes line, think before using the car and recycle stuff. What’s that tired old phrase: Think Globally, Act Locally?


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