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You bad plant!!

Matthew Chatfield

The Ranger obtained a little Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) plant from a local garden centre to see if it would catch the fruitflies that tend to buzz around in his living room. Lo and behold, after some watering with carefully husbanded rainwater, at last the plant secures its first victim. Hoorah, one fly fewer! But wait – what’s this? When the satiated plant finally opened its little leaf, what was revealed?

Drassodes sp in Venus flytrap

Looks like a male Drassodes went looking for love and found more than he was bargaining for. Bad plant!

Matthew Chatfield

Uncooperative crusty. Unofficial Isle of Wight cultural ambassador. Conservation, countryside and the environment, with extra stuff about spiders.

One thought on “You bad plant!!

  • sara frenchman

    well that cheered my day! will have a good old investigate of this site in the next few days.
    Made me roar with laughter !

    Conservation Mayhem


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