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Remember “Do you have a fundemental right to fall in a pond?”. Still an interesting question. Well, today’s Isle of Wight County Press puts a new perspective on the term ‘Cattle Crush’.

Compton Beach, Isle of Wight (c) Woodsta
Compton Beach, Isle of Wight: site of the incident

The only casualty in this instance was the animal, which is bad enough. But what a to-do there would have been had it really squashed the lady in question! And whose fault would it have been? To be sure, somehow or other it would have been the Council’s fault. Perhaps for not issuing proper cow-harnesses or something. The Ranger disapproves of the large volumes of often spurious accident claims which he is obliged to deal with. Had an accident? Not your fault? Then sue the local authority and put everyone’s insurance and council tax up – even if you lose. EDIT: Thanks to Roger Cole for pointing out the hometown of the lady… you want to know? You can’t guess? Go and look…

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