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Trespass with a Vehicle (Offences) Bill

Matthew Chatfield

The Ranger recently revisited Westwood Woodland Park, where his glamourous career began. It was the scene of many struggles with illegal motorcycles and once, even a Reliant Robin.

The presence of powered vehicles in open countryside is forever a source of conflict. It is quite possible to use a motor vehicle responsibily in such areas but the trouble is it only takes one person not doing so to do a great deal of damage. For example on the Isle of Wight, use of the Tennyson Trail by irresponsible off-roaders has led to no end of trouble:

From the Isle of Wight County Press, Friday, December 30, 2005
From the Isle of Wight County Press, Friday, December 30, 2005

Under the 10-minute rule a bill has been introduced to the House of Commons called the Trespass with a Vehicle (Offences) Bill. The bill has no chance of becoming law, and it seems to be mainly aimed at gypsy and traveller encampments. However it also gained support from Island MP Andrew Turner because of its possible relevence to the recreational offroading problem.

There is no doubt that this bill highlights some very important issues for us as countryside managers. At present, the law on vehicle use seems ill-fitted to meet the needs of the majority of those who live, work and play in the countryside, even including those who like to use vehicles to play offroad. Incidents like that highlighted in the cutting above will lead to areas of the countryside being put off-limits, and will reduce access for many people. Any land manager who has an offroad highway on their land will know that this sort of thing is an extreme example of a constant low-level problem.

Today’s law is based on principles of access and use established in a pre-motor car society. Whilst the body of law surrounding motor vehicles is very large, and highly complex, it somehow does not seem adequate to allow those who manage the land from taking sensible and legal measures to prevent the irreversible damage that can be caused by a few daft sods on trials bikes.

Matthew Chatfield

Uncooperative crusty. Unofficial Isle of Wight cultural ambassador. Conservation, countryside and the environment, with extra stuff about spiders.

2 thoughts on “Trespass with a Vehicle (Offences) Bill

  • Peter Woodford

    Can you define “no end of trouble” in your blog about the Tennyson trail and vehicular use,please?

    • The Virtual Ranger

      Apologies – the links had broken over time. I’ve restored them.


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