Technorati: I’m disenchanted

Matthew Chatfield
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What fun the blog monitoring website Technorati seemed to be! But sadly the Ranger is beginning to consider that it is not up to delivering the goods. Take this blog – yes, the one you’re reading right now. The Ranger isn’t a one to blow his own trumpet but let’s consider it for a moment. The Ranger’s Blog – popular? Not hugely. Unheard of? Well, no, it isn’t. A few kind folk have linked to it, and quite a few look at it. Up-to-date? Usually every week or so there’s something. But despite this, and despite the Ranger making representations to the uber-geeks at Technorati, the monitoring site shows the Rangers Blog has no links from no sites, although oddly it then goes on to show a list of these sites. And – this one really stings – no updates for 94 days. See:

Technorati 18 Feb 2006 The Ranger’s Blog page on Technorati today

You can see if anything’s changed since then by clicking on this post title. So what’s going on? Is there a problem with Technorati? Is it just me? It seems I’m not alone. Has the Ranger messed up, or has Technorati just got overwhelmed by its own popularity? And does it matter? As ever, your advice is warmly welcomed, friends.

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