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Matthew Chatfield
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The website deathtogreysquirrels has gone down in a blaze of publicity – national coverage of this light-hearted but controversial website seems to have brought so much traffic that the site was swamped – or possibly the site is down for more sinister reasons. The Ranger sincerely hopes that free expression has not been unfairly stifled by whatever means.

A grey squirrel reveals its motives Possibly the squirrels themselves have cunningly engineered it, and are even now laughing at us over their nuts.

The site has been unavailable since at least 6pm on 16 December, probably earlier. The two days before had brought a huge surge of traffic to Naturenet with people searching for deathtogreysquirrels (yes, we do look at our server logs – that’s one way we always know how to put the latest must-have info on Naturenet) although this is now (18 Dec) petering out, presumably because the site itself is down and because the national coverage (in the Daily Mail) is in the past. To check if the site is up or down right now click here. Please do let us know if it returns- or if you know anything about its disappearance. Update 16 January 2006: it seems that the website is gone for ever, after its owner made some sort of truce with the squirrels. How queer!

Matthew Chatfield

Uncooperative crusty. Unofficial Isle of Wight cultural ambassador. Conservation, countryside and the environment, with extra stuff about spiders.

4 thoughts on “Death to

  • Steve (Coyote -Cheltenham)

    Kania 2000 – THE best squirrel trap. More expensive than some, but very humane and safe to operate. We use one to take over 100 squirrels a year, with no other species caught, or fingers lost. Many suppliers listed on the net, eg.

  • I’m guessing you’re american, can’t you shoot them or bomb them or something? No, seriously, you need to keep them out of the building. They won’t often chew wires etc outside, so if you can keep the walls secure you won’t have too mcuh of a problem.

  • We are having a terrible problem with grey squirrels in the over-hangs around our house and I can hear them getting into some of the walls. They have chewed on a wire leading to one of the track lights in our home and nearly caused a fire.

    I used to think they were cute, but they have caused over six-thousand dollars in damage to our home and they need to die. How do I get rid of them?

  • We have faced an invasion from grey squirrels, and I have beaten them off using a 12 bore shotgun.

    Just down the road a woman fed the cute brutes every day, and didn’t know they were living in her loft space – she has had to arrange a NEW ROOF, NEW WIRING and all new PLUMBING! Like last month. And in Edinburght last month a house was burned down and the people nearly killed by squirrel damage to wiring.

    I say KILL THE BRUTES before they kill US!


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