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A fungus that looks like Britney Spears?

If you take a look at the most popular posts on this blog, you’ll see that, behind the awesome giant cave spiders, the second most popular post ever was a curious little number called Fungarse. Inspired by this, Ranger reader and keen fungus spotter Miss Cat kindly sent The Ranger this photograph, and adds cryptically ‘This fungus reminds me of Britney Spears‘. Now Fungarse looked like, well, an arse. That was straightforward enough. The Ranger knows little of Britney Spears and doesn’t really understand how this new fungus is connected (perhaps it’s Toxic?), but no doubt you lot will – and if you don’t, it’s a nice picture…

A fungus that looks like Britney Spears...?



Heh. Many thanks to Sue at Tinklertastic for taking this photo and passing it on! Yes, it’s original and not photoshopped. She sent it to The Ranger with the words ‘I saw this and thought of you’… Can somebody please explain? Yo, Stumblers. We know you like this kind of quirky stuff. Wanna see more of it from The Rangers Blog? Let The Ranger recommend our plat de jour, Spitting worms have really weird sex! And if you want even more, go to our home page and enjoy browsing through Ranger Rants, drug-crazed squirrels, and our famous ‘My c*ck is huge‘ story.