The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds


RSPBhe RSPB is a charity dedicated to "developing a public interest in wild birds and their place in nature". It owns more than 120 reserves throughout the UK, including Scotland, and has many members (now, apparently, more than a million!) who can be seen peering from hides throughout the length and breadth of the land. Many RSPB reserves include habitats valuable for species other than birds. The RSPB is also responsible for the RSPB Wildlife Explorers (formerly called the Young Ornithologist's Club).

The RSPB undertakes much research and development work concerning birds world-wide, and has produced several publications which provide definitive practical information for site managers, such as the Reedbed Handbook published in 1996. Along with the BTCVPages marked with this symbol are exclusively written for Naturenet practical handbooks these publications are considered by some to comprise the canon of contemporary conservation practice.

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At many reserves you will find little in the way of visitor facilities, although there are usually hides and paths, and often some useful information. However, a few key reserves are well provided for, such as Minsmere in Suffolk, where there is an outstanding large visitor centre, many hides and trails, and plenty of information. There are entry charges for most of the reserves, although members can get in for free. Groups of ten or more should book in advance with the site warden. Dogs are not usually allowed at all.

The RSPB was the last major UK conservation organisation to go online in June, 1998.

The RSPB is the Birdlife International partner in the UK.

Naturenet's hot tip:
If you call the RSPB number, ask to be put on hold for a bit. You will get the most delightful 'bird sounds' instead of muzak. What a great idea!

List of RSPB local groups with web information

Some of these have been taken from the RSPB official list (RSPB Links), but, needless to say, Naturenet's list is even more comprehensive!

Battle RSPB Group
Bexley Local Group
Birmingham RSPB Members Group
Cambridge RSPB Local Group
Cleveland Group
Craven and Pendle Members' Group (Yorkshire Dales)
Durham RSPB Local Group
East Yorkshire RSPB Members' Group
Edinburgh RSPB Local Group
Gravesend RSPB Members' Group
RSPB North East Hants Local Group
RSPB Leeds Local Group
RSPB Central London Local Group
Lowestoft RSPB Members Group

RSPB Medway Local Group
Nottingham RSPB Local Members Group
RSPB Oxford Local Group
The Potters Bar and Barnet Local RSPB Group
Reading RSPB Local Group
RSPB St. Albans Group
South Dorset RSPB Local Group
South East Essex RSPB
RSPB South Wiltshire Local Group
Watford Local Group
West Glamorgan RSPB Members Group
Woking & Bracknall RSPB Local Group
York RSPB Local Group
Wirral RSPB Local Group

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