Enough with feeding the ducks.

Bread in Langstone Millpond
Bread in Langstone Millpond

Look, we have to talk about this feeding the birds lark. I know the RSPB tell you to do it, and the WWT make it a tourist attraction in itself.  But neither of them would have any truck with feeding white bread to ducks.  Continue reading Enough with feeding the ducks.

Plastic ducks arrive in UK after 15 year journey

Some very famous plastic bath toys have, since 1992, been used to study ocean currents in the Pacific. Now they’ve arrived in the Atlantic, and we’re expecting some here in the UK! On January 10, 1992, 28,800 plastic toy turtles, ducks, beavers and frogs bound for the US company ‘The First Years’ fell into the mid Pacific. Unlike many bath toys, these ones had no holes in them so did not take on water. They have been floating around ever since, and beachcombers’ ongoing reports of their landings have provided information which has helped US oceanographer Curtis C. Ebbesmeyer and collaborators to construct a model of the north Pacific currents. The First Years
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