Tree Resources
A selection of publications and contact points for further information.

National and regional organisations

Arboricultural Association (AA): professional organisation; publishes guidelines. Tel: 01794 368717.
Arboricultural Advisory and Information Service (AAIS): Tree Helpline; research, publications. Tel: 0897 161147.
Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB): advice on sustainable building including timber use. Tel: 01559 370908.
British Standards Institution (BSI): set and publish standards. Tel: 020 7629 9000.
British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV)Pages marked with this symbol are exclusively written for Naturenet: publishes good practical guides on conservation including the Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland book on growing native trees from seed.
Forestry Authority SE England Conservancy: statutory body for forestry, including Woodland Grant Scheme, felling licences. Tel: 01420 23337.
Health and Safety Executive: investigates breaches of H&S legislation.
National House Building Council (NHBC): builders’ organisation; set and publish guidelines. Tel: 01494 434477.
National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG): utilities’ organisation; set and publish guidelines. Tel: 020 7 344 5720.
National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC): training body for tree work. Tel: 024 76696553.
National Small Woodlands Association: independent woodland owners’ group.Tel: 01743 792644.
The Tree Council: consortium of tree groups, organise Tree Week. Tel: 020 7828 9928.
Wessex Coppice Group: promotes coppice and coppice crafts. Tel: 01962 772030.
Hampshire Coppice Craftsmens Group:
"putting life into your landscape".
Woodlots SE England: market for selling & buying timber & woodland produce. Tel: 01580 879552.


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Compiled by Rowan Adams, former Tree and Landscape Officer, for the Isle of Wight Council. Reproduced by kind permission.