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Environment Agency


he EA is responsible for a massive range of things. This can mean that it's hard to find out exactly who does what. However, they do have some very good conservation and ecology staff, who do good work in the field of managing river, coastal, estuarine, and other water-related issues. If your query is particularly conservation related it will help if you ask particularly to speak to an ecologist.

Environment AgencyExamples of things the EA can help with:


You should contact your local office for anything to do with your area. This is in every phone book, or find it via the website. The national office for general enquiries is as follows:

The Environment Agency
Rivers House
Waterside Drive
Aztec West
BS12 4UD

Tel: 01454 624400
Incident hotline: 0800 807060


Predecessor Authorities

The National Rivers Authority (NRA) until April 1996 was responsible for water quality, drainage, flood protection, inland navigations and conservation in water habitats in England. The Environment Agency replaced it on 1.4.96. The Environment Agency is made up of the old NRA, HM Inspectorate of Pollution, former Waste Regulation Authorities, and various other functions. Description of new authority.