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Wildlife Rescue


angers are not always experts in wildlife rescue, but they usually know someone who is, and this page is our equivalent; here are some places to get good advice on the web. However, it's no substitute for real advice, so if it's an emergency, contact your nearest vet who will give you better advice than we can, and will know who your local experts are.

Important note on baby birds: If you've found any baby bird which appears to be abandoned and is not obviously injured, leave it where it is and go away before you do anything else. Often the parent is nearby, waiting for you to do just that. Some common birds commonly leave their babies on the ground unattended whilst the adults forage. Rearing baby birds is extremely challenging for humans and so unless you know how to do this and are prepared to do so, or you know someone else is, then don't take the bird. If you intend to take the bird anyway, at least make sure you have found someone competent to care for it before you take it.

Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue: some good and very specific advice on a wide range of mammals and birds.
British Wildlife Helpline: a very good site with lots of general advice about caring for wounded/lost wildlife; even how to administer homeopathic remedies to them, should you consider this to be desirable.
Dorset Wildlife Rescue: an easy to use website with some very good and readable advice on mammals; especially foxes.It's too late for this little chap...
Talnotry Avian Care Trust: wildlife rescue centre, Crumlin, NI
Raptor Rescue: specialist bird of prey rehabilitation charity, with national helpline number
Wildlife Aid, Leatherhead
Bird Rescue: good advice section.
Mossburn Animal Rescue Centre
Emergency care for birds
The Hedgehog Helpline: for all your queries about what to do - and what not to do - with the cute little bundle of fleas you've just found.
Wildliferehabber: a US based site with lots of good advice.