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Environmental Resources
The Whitley Fund for Nature: £500,000 annual grant fund for international conservation projects.
BBC SW Wales Nature: very good stuff.
Green Burial Grounds: want to be buried under a tree? Dig this site.
WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise): site about business opportunities for women in the rural economy.
National Trails: superb representations of real trail leaflets but with all the advantages of a web page. Not sure you would want to take a PC with you, though. Ranger's Award winner.
The British Entomological and Natural History Society
GeoResources: a splendid geography-oriented site with some very good case studies, see especially Virtual Fieldwork.
Building a bird box and siting it? Get info from the RSPB on how to do it.
Too idle to build a birdbox?: No problem, you can buy bird stuff online from the RSPB.
Lyme Disease: not much fun, but worth knowing if you ever do any practical conservation. And if you like that, and who wouldn't, why not try The Weil's Disease Information Center too.
The New Forest Badger Watch: not a posh timepiece but a good website.
Habitat: kind enough to acknowledge us generously. How could we not reciprocate? It is a really good, up-to-date and comprehensive UK nature conservation site with an emphasis on British wildflowers. You should see it, really. If you find Naturenet useful you will certainly want to look at Habitat.
Ordnance Survey gazetteer of place names: a frighteningly useful resource. Finds almost anywhere in the UK.British Wild Boar
Wessex Coppice Group: of interest outside Wessex, too.
Wildlife Trust fact sheets: about various stuff, very good info.
Woodland Improvement and Conservation
NFU Countryside: 'actively supporting the countryside community'.
Irish Peatland Conservation Council: all about peat and its conservation. In Ireland.
Entrust: Landfill Tax: you will be interested in this if you are trying to raise money for an environmental project. And who isn't?
British Wild Boar: the first UK website devoted solely to the interests of free-living wild boar in Britain. And what a great logo!
EPIC Exmoor: ponies in conservation.
Interested in ecology and conservation on golf courses? These folk are.