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NetVet: you like big lists of wildlife links? Here's one from Australia.
UK Safari: a good wildlife and countryside site.
EcoEarth: a collection of links regarding environmental sustainability. a collection of forest links.
EnviroLink: a collection of links and organisations, including some UK sections.
ARKive: audio-visually profiling British wildlife and the world’s endangered species using film, photographs and audio recordings. We find this very helpful, and you will too. Lots of good facts as well as pictures.
Wildlife News: nice site with lots of odds and ends, parts are right up to date. UK bias but seems to include the rest of the world sometimes.
Habitas: a massive resource of information about the biodiversity of Northern Ireland and Ireland.
Yahoo Nature Conservation index.

Habitat: kind enough to acknowledge us generously. How could we not reciprocate? It is a really good, daily updated and comprehensive UK news site with an emphasis on British wildlife: you should see it, really. If you find Naturenet useful you will certainly want to look at Habitat every day.