Games and Activities


aturenet's directory of games and activities you can try when faced with a load of children (or adults, why not?) and a bit of time outside.

Some Simple Outdoor ActivitiesPages marked with this symbol are exclusively written for Naturenet for younger children you might like to try.

A scouting gameScouting Games: this illustrated treasure trove of games includes 'Games for Boys' a printable version of the famous text by by Sir Robert Baden-Powell. Features such classics as: How Long? Old Spotty-Face, Quick Sight, Nobody's Airship, Blow Ball and many more. Some of these are arguably unplayable today - if ever - but many are superb.

'Trips for Kids': games (in rtf format). Features some great games to play on or with bicycles, as well as a good few other classics. In printable format so you can take it with you.

Woodcraft Folk Games and The Systems GamePages marked with this symbol are exclusively written for Naturenet : submitted by Alice Quayle. Games more suitable for children aged from 8 upwards. The Systems Game is in fact quite a grown-up game, but very intriguing.

Do you know any more? There are loads, we know, so if you want to pass them on, do write them down and let us know, and we'll put them here.