New highway code entry discovered: spider lane!

Check out these great photos from one of the Ranger’s favourite reference sites: Nick’s Spiders:

Spider path (c) Nick Loven

Nick writes:

Lariniodes sclopetarius… is often found in the vicinity of water particularly on man-made objects. There are so many under a bridge in Lincoln that an unknown artist decided to mark out a spider-lane…

Spider path (c) Nick Loven


Tree graffiti

The Ranger was patrolling around a very obscure part one of the sites he works at today, when he came across a huge beech tree with some intriguing inscriptions upon it. Some were predictable initials and others not for family viewing, but the following was perhaps the most entertaining…

Back in 5 mins

Disappointingly, although The Ranger waited for at least five minutes, the author did not return. Further notable inscriptions were to be found elsewhere on the tree, so you might get to see some of them another time…