Inside the UK’s Creationist museum (Part 1)

Just opposite where the Isle of Wight ferry lands, a row of old shops and pubs sits picturesquely on Portsmouth Hard, in the shadow of the magnificent Victorian battleship HMS Warrior.

Here lies the theory of evolution

One of these, the old National Provincial Bank, is now home to the museum of the UK’s Creation Science Movement. The Genesis Expo is described by the CSM as:

…12 dioramas and a clutch of real fossilised dinosaur eggs… A wide range of topics is examined and some of the displays are animated… They are all presented in an easily understood form for those with little knowledge of the enormous amount of scientific evidence that is against evolution and supports creation.

This is the UK’s largest and most popular Creationist museum. In a series of three articles on The Ranger’s Blog you will find out what happened when The Ranger and the Wildlife Gardener – both unapologetic supporters of Darwin’s theory – took a day off and visited Genesis Expo. Part one is below. Continue reading Inside the UK’s Creationist museum (Part 1)