Get your Christmas gravestone cleaner in now!

Yes, at last there’s hope. Ideal for your seasonal shopping, could this fantastic patented compound end dirty gravestone misery for ever? Tragically the website does not show the images in the catalogue, but via the magic of the web we can show it to you (see pic). Check out the little ‘before and after’ gravestone! […]

Naturenet savours seeing Nigerian scammers scammed themselves!

It’s not big and it’s not clever to trick other people. And spam sucks. I know because we get about 600 spams every day. Yes, 600. That’s 250,000 last year. You thought you had it bad? No doubt you’ll tell me about how you know this bloke who swears his brother gets 1000 spams every […]

You lucky Bustard!

A remarkable story from just over the water at Portland. You’ll no doubt be well aware of the Great Bustard reintroductions on Salisbury Plain. You weren’t? Well,whatever. They’re the biggest flying birds in the world. Imagine the consternation and excitement last week when one of these flying fortresses was seen cruising in off the English […]

Northern Ireland Environment & Heritage Service

I’ve just updated this page. It was so old it had got fur on it – even saying ‘we expect things to change in 1998’. This is the web equivalent of finding a tin of pilchards in the back of the cupboard marked 2/6. However, I’ve updated it as best I can. I’ve tried before […]

Bird Flu – hype or horror?

What a panic about bird flu. Yes, it’s worrying but the possibility of an influenza pandemic is hardly new. I do worry, though, about the tacit threat which may be building against wild and migrating birds. People really do seem to worry about these things -be it badgers, rats, mice, flies and now birds. They […]