Richard Florida introduces the Philips Livable Cities Award

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Hey, park managers! Want a share of 125,000 Euros? Obviously, you do. So check out the Phillips Livable Cities Award.

The award has three categories:

  • Well-being Outdoors: initiatives that will help citizens feel safe in public spaces or help create city identity and foster a sense of belonging;
  • Independent Living: initiatives that will help the growing number of elderly people living alone to feel secure and comfortable in a city, with appropriate access to healthcare;
  • Healthy Lifestyle at Work and Home: initiatives that will support a healthy body and mind, whether through a person’s surroundings or via other essentials such as exercise, sleep and diet.

The main award of 75,000 Euros is for the best idea submitted in any of the three categories. There will also be two awards of 25,000 Euros each for the best submissions in the other two categories. The awards are open worldwide (hoorah!) but only to individuals, community or non-governmental organisations and businesses (boo!). But I’m sure most parks managers will have a very enthusiastic ‘Friends of…’ group, won’t you? So get thinking! Deadline: October 28, 2010.

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