CSI fly-tipping: rubbish investigations

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The Environment Agency is calling in hi tech help to track down illegal dumping in a field at Copythorne, Hampshire.

Flytipping (stock pic: not in the New Forest) © Community Spaces Fund

Dumped material included wood, plastics, tar, metals and even lumps of concrete. The unauthorised work was done in the autumn of 2006 and angered people living in the area. Objectors held a public meeting and also staged a demonstration. In May 2007 and June 2008 the Environment Agency prosecuted the landowner, Mr Kenneth Lovett, who lives next door to the field, for offences relating to flood risk, illegal deposit of waste, and environmental protection. Lovett said the work was carried out to raise the level of the land and prevent it becoming waterlogged. He was fined a total of

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