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What a great night! I promised an update and here it is. Naturenet was very pleased to be invited to the BWPA awards ceremony, where The Ranger used Twitter to report live from Hoopers gallery, Clerkenwell, where it was all happening.

Matt Chatfield, Nick Baker and Ross Hoddinot at the BWPA

Matt Chatfield of Naturenet chats to host Nick Baker and overall winner Ross Hoddinot in front of the winning entry at the BWPA 2009

I got a chance to chat to the host of the evening, TV naturalist and invert arch-nerd Nick Baker. Nick is dead keen on Twitter – you can follow him as @bugboybaker. I was flattered when he recognised me from my Twitter avatar and asked where my hat was! As you can see from the photo I wasn’t wearing it, but what you probably can’t see is that Nick is wearing a spider necklace and a marvellous shirt which is simply covered in little ants – well, pictures of them at least. Nick wasn’t on the judging panel but he couldn’t hide his delight when the winning image turned out to be one of the few pictures of invertebrates in the entire exhibition. It was also strikingly different from almost all the others – a worthy winner.

© all rights reserved Ross Hoddinot, BWPA, Damselfly silhouette

Overall winner, BWPA; © all rights reserved Ross Hoddinot, BWPA, Damselfly silhouette

The good news is that the BWPA are definitely coming back in 2010, probably opening in spring. Naturenet will tell you all the latest as soon as we know it. After such a success this year it’s likely to be an even harder-fought contest next year. So now’s the time to start planning your entry!

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