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British Wildlife Photography Awards

Matthew Chatfield
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The BWPA ceremony is this Wednesday and Naturenet will be there! We’ve been invited along to see the awards presented, and maybe even do some live tweeting or blogging from the auditorium.

British Wildlife Photography Awards

So keep your eyes on Naturenet if you’re interested to see what’s going on. Plus, the Ranger wants to know, did any readers enter the competition? Or were you tempted, but decided not to? What do you think of the BWPA so far – and what should they do next year? Come on, you can tell us. Leave your comment below – and if we get a few photos to show perhaps I might do a follow-up post of Naturenet readers’ BWPA entries, or non-entries.

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Matthew Chatfield

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2 thoughts on “British Wildlife Photography Awards

  • Paul Bunyard


    I got a commended and inclusion into the exhibiton with my Stoat looking out of the drain piccy, well chuffed 🙂


  • The Wildlife Gardener

    Yes! I sent 3 photos, a cockchafer, lots of caterpillars eating a leaf and a crane fly carrying phoretic mites. Didn’t win anything.


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