Backwoods bungle 12

Find the Fault number twelve is here! Answers to number eleven are now online. The rules are simple; study the picture, and find the fault. Bonus marks are awarded for faults not on the card, and for creative interpretations!

Find the fault 12

Good luck!

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  1. No handle on the pulley. Also that person carrying the bucket is the whitest that I have ever seen. Has he seen a ghost?

  2. It looks like the well is stuck in the corner of a field, right against the fence, making it impossible to turn around…. which does not seem practical. (or funny as far as the old child in me is concerned).
    Or maybe even, the right fence finishes on the the side of the well (cutting it 2/3-1/3), so that someone on the other side of the fence could put a bucket on the hook, but would be unable to reach the handle (if there was one).

    The path should probably extend to the left of the well so that one can reach the hook without walking on the grass.

    Also the farmer is probably exhausted, and should lie down a little, considering how pale his face is, compared to his arms…

  3. The rope (and hook) extending all the way across the cross beam worries me. In my experience wells have the little shaft/hole in the middle. If you put the bucket on this hook and let it down with the (non-existent) handle, it would miss the hole. Then, if you manually manoeuvered it into the shaft and pulled the water up, the bucket would catch on the edge of the shaft and spill water everywhere.

  4. and a well on the top of a hill. I know Jack and Jill went up the hill, but I thought that was because they were going to a dew pond!