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Sometimes one just has to step back and applaud. Now’s one of those times: The Ranger has just spent a considerable time wandering the virtual halls of the small science collective (via Bug Girl’s Blog).

Insect Sex Ed

They’ve had the inspired idea of collecting and making little print-outable PDF booklets about all sorts of invertebrate-themed topics, in the most delightfully lighthearted and readable format. ‘Insect Sex Ed’ (pictured above) is a remarkable summary of insect reproductive mechanisms and strategies reduced to a single sheet of paper, and addressed as a manual ‘for sexually mature males’. Other equally instructive guides (or ‘zines as they are called by the small science collective) cover topics as diverse as how to be a proper host (to a bot fly); a mock-religious tract about plagues of locusts; the mystery of fingerprints and even the story of Snuppy the Puppy! Off you go now and enjoy them. They’re even soliciting more – perhaps you’re tempted to have a go yourself?

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