Undiscriminating metal detectorist

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The family came visiting to Ranger Towers today, and in keeping with tradition, adults and children alike are obliged to take the air after lunch for the new year sandblasting walk by the beach. It certainly beats facial scrubs – I can recommend walking into the wind at Ryde over nightingale-poo facepacks any day. But, what’s this?

Box on the beach

Sigh. It seems as though the festive season is truly with us. A new metal-detectorist has been created as the proud parents unboxed the new toy on the beach on Christmas afternoon.

Metal detector box

Sadly, these same parents couldn’t even set the good example of clearing up their own packaging. How much of the important discipline of responsible metal detecting are these goons likely to pass on to the hapless offspring? Still, at least they gave a ‘Standard Discriminating’ metal detector. Perhaps the new metal-detectorist will adopt some more discriminating standards in the future…

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