Bee houses: the Devil sharpens a woman’s tongue

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Ranger reader Dave Larkin has been to Slovenia again – and once more he’s brought back some remarkable images of traditional Slovenian bee houses.

Slovenian bee house image © all rights reserved Dave Larkin

Above is a typical traditional bee house in use – the coloured boards by each entrance can be clearly seen. It’s customary to decorate these boards with interesting images. Dave writes:

I went back to Slovenia skiing this winter, the hotel we stayed in had loads of bee boards in the corridors as decoration, I have photographed a few of the more interesting ones!

Dave’s kindly allowed the Ranger to roll out these images for your entertainment – here’s the first:

Slovenian bee house image © all rights reserved Dave Larkin

It appears to be two jolly devils sharpening a woman’s tongue on a grindstone. The date shown is 1882. What the bees made of that is not recorded! More bee house imagery to follow.

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