Natural England website spurns former English Nature data

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Oh dear – a bit of a cock-up on the technical front over at Natural England.

Natural England: broken?

All former English Nature web pages now look like this

Their predecessor authority, English Nature, had such a formidable array of data on its website that NE have yet to get around to assimilating it all onto their own. So they provide a slightly inelegant gateway method which allows anyone browsing former EN pages to see them wearing a skimpy Natural England disguise, but otherwise more or less unchanged. Given the recent troubles at that body it’s hard to see anyone wanting to change this clunky but eminently sensible workaround. Until now, that is – it appears that there’s some trouble over at the NE website, but oddly enough, it only affects the former English Nature pages – arguably the most useful ones there. Odd. NE says:

“The content on this website is currently unavailable due to a technical fault.”

Let’s hope it’s soon fixed! Check here to see: if this link works, it’s fixed. UPDATE: See Natural England’s explanation

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One thought on “Natural England website spurns former English Nature data

  • 12th May, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Why not build out further the old website with a new and better desig on the menus and all new pages included.


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